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Advertiser testimonials

Warwickshire Window Doctor
"As a new advertiser in the Arrow Advertiser, on the first day of distribution, we received three quality leads. I am more than happy with the response so far. Over the last 12 months, we now have over 200 clients from our advert in the Arrow Advertiser"
Thanks again, Ian
the nail studio - stratford upon avon
Sarah at the Nail Studio
"The Arrow Advertiser has been invaluable to me over the last fifteen years, the fact that I have continued to advertise all this time is testimony itself. I have gained many new clients partly because it is delivered door to door by the postman and everyone gets a copy. It is especially useful for people moving into the area when they are finding their way around and looking for a local service. It has definitely helped me build my business and I still meet new clients every week that have found my salon number in the publication"
james kitson plastering stratford upon avon
James Kitson Plastering
"I have been in the Arrow Advertiser for over fifteen years now, I have tried alternatives but the response has been nowhere near as good. The Arrow Advertiser is now the only local publication I use to promote my business"
scotts plumbing stratford upon avon
Scott at Mr Scotts Plumbing
"We have been with the Arrow Advertiser for over ten years, this generates 80% of our business, it is the only paid advertising we do"
buzz i.t stratford upon avon
Buzz .I.T
"I ask all my customers where they got my number from and certainly the Arrow Advertiser works for me"
colin hurford carpet fitter stratford upon avon
Colin Hurford - Carpet Fitter
"We monitor all our calls and we get leads from all areas of Stratford including Wellesbourne, Shipston and Henley. The Arrow Advertiser has done very well"
peter barber - plumber alcester
Barbers Plumbing
"We have had really good feedback from in and around Alcester and Bidford, the advert has been really worth while"
westcote design - bespoke furniture stratford upon avon
Westcote Design
"We always ask where our leads come from and the Arrow Advertiser always has a steady flow. The Arrow Advertiser is the only publication we advertise in covering the Stratford upon Avon area"
alcester handyman
Alcester Handyman Services
"On the first day of my first advert with The Arrow Advertiser I received five calls.  Twelve months later and I still receive four or five enquiries a month, the response has been great!"
conservatories stratford upon avon prior products
Prior Products
"Prior Products have been dealing with and advertising with the Arrow newspapers for 10+ years now and find them easy to deal with and the response from the advert to be very good. For one of the lower cost of advertising, we do get a very good response to local enquiries that have lead to some really nice installations. We have and will continue to advertise with the Arrow newspapers"
Paul J. Bates & Son - Stratford upon avon
PJ Bates and Son Plumbing
"We are very pleased with the response from our advert over the last 12 months, we will continue to advertise for at least another 12 months"
electrician stratford upon avon premier electrical
Premier Electrical
"The Arrow Advertiser definately works for me it always pays for itself and makes money for me on top of that. In my opinion it has more impact than a weekly newspaper."
RW Consultants (Caterers)
"We have used the Arrow Advertiser for a number of years now, and really appreciate the new customers it brings, so much so that in our new business venture we will be using the Arrow Advertiser"
carole tracey - architect - stratford upon avon
Carole Tracey - Architect
"I have been advertising in the Arrow Advertiser for about six months now and have found it to be a good source of clients. I usually get at least three new contacts as soon as the Advertiser is delivered and several more during each month. I would be happy to recommend it to other local small businesses"
Denis Bradley - Decorating
"Thank you so much for designing such a fantastic advert, the calls have gone through roof, business is really picking up, thank you once again"
carpet cleaning stratford upon avon
Kleenwell Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
"We have had an excellent response, chuffed to bits. We were genuinely surprised, good value for money advertising"